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Print subscribers receive the printed Book of Lists when published. E-commerce facilities are getting a little bigger, with developers building higher clear… more As Dallas-Fort Worth becomes a major U.S. hub for e-commerce distributors and logistics warehouses, North Texas developers are building even bigger — and taller — facilities to better accommodate the movement of goods. That's because its relatively cheap for developers to build higher rather than acquire more land for a sprawling facility, said Steve Berger , a senior vice president in CBRE's Dallas office. E-commerce facilities are getting a little bigger, with developers building higher clear… more "In the Dallas-Fort Worth area a small handful of e-commerce distribution centers have been built or are under construction at the 40-foot clear height," Berger told the Dallas Business Journal. "Now, we are also starting to see more basic bulk distribution operations that also want to take advantage of that efficiency," he added. In the past, clear heights were limited by technology in handling materials and fire protection. In the 1960s, the average height of a warehouse built in the United States was 24 feet. "Historically, fire protection, life safety and code issues as well as material handling equipment limitations have put a cap on clear height," Berger said. "As advances have come in each of those, it has opened up the opportunity to take advantage of the additional cubic space." By 2016, that average clear height grew to 33 feet. In the past six years, Dallas-Fort Worth added 51.4 million square feet of warehouse inventory with an average clear height of 32.59 — and that vertical limit to construction is expected to grow. "We are now seeing the boundary push to 40-foot clear heights and we will see more of those," Berger told the DBJ."A portion of these buildings are mezzanine space that allow users to take advantage of the cube height. "We are one of the top markets in the country seeing this trend with more cubic space coming on the market," he added. The automation of picking up goods and placing them on a truck has helped support logistics company's ability to stack higher than horizontally, said James Bohnaker , a senior economist at CBRE.

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